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Vanilla-Free Christmas Anthology

“The Man Inside”

Sam and Jonah are two lonely co-workers carrying on a naughty online relationship that has been stymied in real life by crushing social anxieties and low self-esteem. This year they agree to attend their company’s annual Christmas party. But when Jonah shows up as Santa Claus and then refuses to remove his costume, Sam must decide if the man inside is worth having no matter how kinky his outer wrappings.

Succubus Games

Willow has had centuries in Sisyphus Prison to reinforce the hard-learned lesson that the jealous and capricious Greek gods are not to be trifled with. There are only two ways out, and both require Willow to compete in the annual gladiator match. The winner is freed while the loser marches straight to Tartarus to become one of Hades’ concubines. Willow plans to press all her succubus charms into service to gain the upper hand against her opponent…until she discovers who he is.

 Helveticus is a demi-god with a devilish plan of his own to win his freedom, a plan that begins with the seduction of his lush adversary. He is the last person Willow wishes to battle because she’s not sure whether she wants to kill him or kiss him. Only one can be crowned the victor. Who will win the war of body over heart?

Prometheus Unstitched

Cory Blindbarrow of Blindbarrow Crimefighting Couture, loves her work—from tailoring bulletproof fabrics to engineering concealed weaponry. Kowtowing to the over-sized egos of her superhero clientele? Not so much.

Her newest client, Theo Richelieu, aka Prometheus Man, can see five minutes into the future. Unfortunately, nobody believes him. He’s exactly the type that pushes Cory’s buttons. But he’s also quite talented at engaging (and disengaging) her snaps and zippers. As maddening as Theo can be, Cory can’t deny their supernatural chemistry.

When a sniper targets Cory’s colleagues, Theo appoints himself her protector. His know-it-all attitude soon has her ready to tattoo a bullseye on her forehead. If Theo is unable to convince the headstrong couturier she’s the sniper’s next mark, their happily ever after might never make it out of the design phase.

Rory Gets His Game Back

A Free Read Short Story

Rory’s had a dry streak he hopes the little blue pill he purchased from a leprechaun will solve. His date is only too willing to assist, but will their one night stand be a screaming success or a limp failure?

Soul of the Succubus

After nearly four millennia, Yve, a succubus and harvester of souls, has finally met her quota. She must travel to hell to redeem her own from the devil who holds it in hock. Ta’avah, the hunky and charming minion responsible for luring Yve into sexual slavery, joins her for her redemption ceremony before an audience of ogling demons. The pair soon learn that deals with the devil are rarely settled to anyone’s satisfaction other than Lucifer’s. Only one weapon can trump those of the master of deception, but do Yve or Ta have enough humanity left in them to wield it?

Part of Evernight Publishing’s ROMANCE ON THE GO special line.

Vixen and The Pea

In a kingdom where women outnumber men, marriage has more in common with slavery than romance. Lady Otsana certainly isn’t willing to surrender her freedom and dumb herself down, not even for a blue blood. She’s having too much fun disguising herself and bedding the hot, red-blooded type in the neighboring lands.

Prince Koldo is not too keen on marrying either, certainly not to that know-it-all Otsana his parents favor. He’d rather continue his intense sexual Olympics with a commoner named Fleur. Little does he know Otsana and Fleur are the same woman.

When the King throws a ball and a contest to choose Koldo’s bride, Otsana must make a difficult decision. Will she enter the contest of the Golden Pea and risk all for a chance at love, or will she play it safe but give up Fleur’s lover forever?

Part of Evernight Publishing’s NAUGHTY FAIRY TALES special line.

All’s Fair in Love and War

Only two obstacles block Shelby Donaldson’s path to success at her new job–her sizzling hot supervisor and his freezing cold attitude. Maybe her flirting got a little out of hand at first, but that’s no reason for Mr. Sighs-A-Lot to screw her over in her performance review.

Colin Montoya is not going to fall for Shelby’s sex-in-a-suit brand of temptation. He’s got her number and is not going to dial it, nor is he going to allow Shelby’s philandering brother to marry his baby sister.

After an explosive one-night stand goes awry, battle lines are drawn.  But can the warring co-workers negotiate a cease-fire long enough to realize their romantic fortunes might just lie in each other?

Stockings and Suspenders Anthology

“Naughty and Nice”

Chrissy Ferris is a kind-hearted succubus hired by Santa to deliver an extra special Christmas gift.  The intended recipient is a lonely naval officer stuck on a tiny two-man base in the middle of the Pacific.  One of the two is on Santa’s nice list, but his draconian commanding officer, is on the naughty list.  With specific instructions from Santa to avoid the CO, Chrissy embarks on her mission. However, the two officers have a surprise in store for Chrissy when she discovers why Santa tagged one naughty and the other nice.

Midnight Seduction Anthology

“Last Call for Love”

Penelope (Penn) is in love with a man she has denied herself for two years, not just because they are baseball teammates and good friends.  Penn is a succubus, a demon creature sustained by sex, and the men she sleeps with must be mind-wiped after she feeds.  Breaking the only law of her kind means death for the both the succubus and her man.  When Penn succumbs in a weak moment, she has only hours left before she will be forever erased from Joe’s memory or destroyed.

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