Second Chance Layover

A free blog serial co-written with Sandra Bunino running between:

Nov 28, 2013 to Dec 24, 2013

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When the mother of all snowstorms strands journalist Charli Tierney in the Chicago airport, her boss gives her a fluff assignment to kill time–investigate the Meet-And-Go dot com social network for airport travelers. Imagine her surprise when her connection is also one of her brother’s old friends…and the boy she crushed on for years as a teen.

Cal Wheaton is no less shocked. Of all the fish in the sea, or lonely travelers in Terminal B, his O’Hare Meet-And-Go connection is Charli. The snarky little sister he fondly remembers has grown into a very desirable woman. And this time there’s no protective big brother around to keep him in line.

Reconnected, the embers of Charli and Cal’s decade-old attraction are quickly fanned into a night of hot passion. But when a ghost from Cal’s past drives a wedge between them, will the layover lovers realize in time that blame and guilt are baggage best left behind?



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