Vixen and the Pea

Vixen and the Pea (A Naughty Fairy Tale)

In a kingdom where women outnumber men, marriage has more in common with slavery than romance. Lady Otsana certainly isn’t willing to surrender her freedom and dumb herself down, not even for a blue blood. She’s having too much fun disguising herself and bedding the hot, red-blooded type in the neighboring lands.

Prince Koldo is not too keen on marrying either, certainly not to that know-it-all Otsana his parents favor. He’d rather continue his intense sexual Olympics with a commoner named Fleur. Little does he know Otsana and Fleur are the same woman.

When the King throws a ball and a contest to choose Koldo’s bride, Otsana must make a difficult decision. Will she enter the contest of the Golden Pea and risk all for a chance at love, or will she play it safe but give up Fleur’s lover forever?

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