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Characters Who Are Jerks by Kimber Vale #contest

First of all, thank you Lila for hosting me today!  You, milady, are no jerk. But I’ve been wondering; is it okay to write a jerky character? How do most readers feel about… Continue reading

Who Wouldn't Want to Be Marooned with a Millionaire?? Sandra Bunino Would!

Welcome to Sandra Bunino, my sistah from another mistah! She’s just released a hot little tale of a one night stand with a rich sexy entrepreneur from my neck of the woods that… Continue reading

I'll be damned…book covers really ARE important, by Stella Berkley

A warm welcome to my guest, Stella Berkley, who also happens to be a fellow member of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pens, a supportive group of writers who met at an online… Continue reading