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So my good buddy and writing partner, Veronica Knight, and I are currently writing The Succubus Wiki or Succubi A to Z or Encyclopaedia of Succubi (all possible titles–maybe we’ll have a poll on it), a series of short stories featuring a different succubus for each letter of the alphabet.  There is a progression to the tone and theme of the stories as we move through the alphabet.  More on that later though.

Since we aren’t writing them in order, this provides a bit of a visual prompt for which ones still need to be tackled.

A– “Angel” (Veronica)
B– “Bronwyn” (Lila)
D– “Delilah” (Lila)
F– “Felicity” (Lila)
H– “Helena” (Lila)
I– “Iris” (Lila)
J– “Julia” (Veronica)
K– “Kismet” (Lila)
L– “Luanne” (Veronica)
M– “Maeve” (Lila)
N– “Noelle” (Veronica)
O– “Ophelia” (Veronica)
P– “Penelope” (Lila)
R– “Raina” (Lila)
T– “Tasmin” (Lila)
V– “Violet” (Lila)
X–“Xena” (Veronica)
Y– Yve (Lila) <<–sold in an altered version to Pill Hill Press but will write a new story about her
Z– “Zoe” (Lila)

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