Sinisterotica Anthology Table of Contents

Pill Hill Press’s Daily Flashes of Erotic imprint has announced the complete lineup (not in any particular order) and is allowing us to share.  So here we all are:

Table of Contents

My Soul to Take by Stella Berkley
For the Love of Death by Deb Eskie
The Real Girl by Robert S. Tyler
Yve Redeemed by Lila Shaw    <<<—————————–ME!!
Top of the Food Chain by Gustavo Bondoni
Daddy’s Little Feminist by Maxine Marsh
Only Fools Rush In by Sealey Andrews
Azieran: The Shaman from the Deep by Christopher Heath
Some Bad Decisions by C.D. Reimer
Similar Interests by T.C. Clark
The Rabbit’s Revenge by L.M. Doyle
My Autoerotic Doom by Jason Dobson
Be My Valentine by Indy McDaniel
Cheating by Parisa Syrus
The Ramifications of Embrace by A.J. French
Blood Play by Angel Propps
One Hell of a Movement by Matt Kurtz
Under the Hunter’s Moon by J. Leigh Bailey
An Evening with the Dolls by Peter Baltensperger
In the Forest of the Mountain Wolf by Lawrence Vernon
Vampire Quality Time by Anton Strauss
Blood and Fire by R. Brennan
Succubitch by Roxanne Rhoades
Infernal Proposal by Eden Royce