Lucky Number Thirteen…that's me!

I was literally the LAST author to nab a spot in Evernight Publishing‘s Midnight Seduction Anthology, to be released in time for Halloween this year.  My story is “Last Call for Love”.

Here’s the announcement from Evernight;

Midnight Seduction Anthology

Check out my Evernight author page too.

The Evernight folks have been fast and efficient–responded to my 11 PM submission by 6:30 AM the next day, sent my contract, added me to their author page and added me to their Facebook author group a few hours after I signed the contract.  My fellow Evernight authors have been warm and welcoming on Facebook and best of all, one of ’em is a Sisterhood of the Travelling Pens (aka the Penis girls) bud, Kastil Eavenshade.

I am a lucky girl indeed!!