Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to my fifth “Six Sentence Sunday”.  Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you might leave me.  I thrive upon feedback.

This teaser comes from “Last Call for Love” which will be in Evernight’s Halloween anthology, Midnight Seduction, in a few more weeks.  I’ve been busy making final edits.

The story is about a succubus who has fought every day to deny herself the man she loves.  If she succumbs to her urges, she’ll be forced to give Joe up.  Succubi prey aren’t allowed to remember their seductresses.  Two years to the day of their meeting, she cracks.

When Mr. Sandman arrives, he’ll take my offering and pluck me from Joe’s mind.  Quite the arrangement Sandy and my maker have.  Sandy’s a supernatural scavenger.  Don’t ask me how he knows when and where to show up.  He just does.  I hope he chokes on two years worth tonight.

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