Six Sentence Sunday — "Q is for Quetzl"

Welcome to my sixth “Six Sentence Sunday”.  Say that six times fast.  Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you might leave me.

This teaser comes from a short story I’ve barely started for the “Succubus Wiki”. The Wiki will be an anthology of short stories featuring a variety of succubi from all different worlds and genres.  Kind of an erotic sampler.

Quetzl is a virtual succubus.  She lives in a video game called “Tlazolteotl’s Lair.”  The Aztec beauty is an auto-generated opponent to the humans who play the game.  Her methods are unorthodox, but most effective in preventing players from reaching level ten.

In this scene, she meets Player One.  Quetzl hates it when they don’t enter a name at the start of the game.

“How may I address you, One?”  I don’t care what his real name is, so long as it’s not One or Two.

“I go by Rodney.”  A flare of appreciation lights the gaze that slithers over my body.

Not many who play Tlazolteotl’s Lair are familiar with my peoples, the Aztecs and Toltecs.  Last Chicanixa told me, the game resides in a bar in a place far north called Fargo where the pale Ones and Twos outnumber the dark.

Poor Rodney.  He’ll have a few surprises in store, some nice, some not so nice. Mwuahahahaha.

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