2011 NaNo WINNER!!!!

I just wrote my 50,000th word a few minutes ago, on November 27th, at 1:51 PM Pacific.  Buried in those 50,000 words was the last word of draft one of The Succubus Wiki!  All Praise the completed WIP and behold the fruits of my labor…the first of many more to come I hope:

And I get one of these too (in addition to the t-shirt I am compelled to buy each year):

I took a little longer this year because I was also editing the manuscript of my alter ego’s forthcoming debut novel and a short story coming out in an anthology in a few more days.  Busy busy.  But slow and steady wins the race and when that fails there is the awesomeness I highly recommend called Write or Die.

NaNo is most fun immediately before it begins and immediately after it concludes–kind of like conception and delivery of a baby, only I birthed a literary baby, a whopping 50,025 word baby.  He’s kinda ugly right this second, but he’s all mine, mine, mine and I love him!   🙂