Six Sentence Sunday — “Naughty & Nice”

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My teaser comes from a short story that will be in Evernight Publishing’s Stockings & Suspenders holiday anthology, which releases December 9th.  In it, a kind-hearted succubus (a female demon who has sex with men as they sleep) is sub-contracted by Santa to deliver “specialty” gifts. Our girl, Lt. Chrissy Ferris, gets a little more than she’s signed up for when she arrives at the two-man naval station on an isolated atoll in the Pacific. Santa has specifically told her the gift’s recipient, Lt. Ramsey, is nice, but his commanding officer, Captain Torino, is naughty, and to be avoided.  Chrissy is the story’s narrator:

Some men smile in their sleep. Lt. Ramsey is one. When he wakes up, he’ll remember having a rather vivid and naughty dream about Lt. Ferris. I don’t like to deliver presents this way, and if Santa finds out, he won’t be happy with me. He might understand if I tell him I was
duped, but I’m too proud to admit a mortal male bested me.

I’ve just finished zipping up the good lieutenant when I hear the soft scrape of feet on the
wooden floor.


Uh-oh!  The naughty one’s coming! 😉

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AND…if you want to read more of my story, I hope you’ll consider purchasing Stockings & Suspenders.  I’m even doing a free giveaway between now and release date so check out my prior blog post to read a much larger excerpt.  All you need to do is comment to enter the drawing.

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