Six Sentence Sunday — “Erin” #SixSunday

Joanna's not yet finished double.

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This teaser comes from a short story I wrote during NaNo for the “Succubus Wiki”. The Wiki will be an anthology of short stories featuring a variety of succubi from all different worlds and genres.  Kind of an erotic sampler. This six is taken from Erin’s story.

Erin is a lab-created succubus who has just been awakened from her metamorphosis.  She’s a little shaky in her motor movements and speech, but is rapidly regaining her senses.

Immediately prior to this six, Erin has nearly killed by accident an orderly she calls White Coat.  Dr. O’Neal, the scientist who oversaw her creation, is speaking, explaining to Erin the rules of her kind:

“But they may not take too kindly to what you did to poor Lenny on the floor here.”

I glance down at White Coat.  “I do not care about him.  He hurt me.”

“Yeah, but you aren’t supposed to disobey males; that’s one of the most fundamental ERIN rules.  If they find out, you’ll be euthanized.”

Not supposed to disobey males?!  Euthanized!?  WTF?!

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