I Haz Cover Art!!! (All's Fair in Love and War)

(Where’s a LOL-cat when I need one?)

Oh squee!! Words can’t express how much I love, love, love my cover for All’s Fair in Love and War, coming in May from Evernight Publishing.  Behold:

Yes, it’s big, dammit, but you’ll get no apologies from me.

It’s got a Portland landmark in the background, my fortune cookie motif in the corner, and both the hero and heroine models are dark-haired like my characters.  It’s obviously an office-based contemporary romance too, hence the naughty clinch the two are in.

Lastly, from a pure vanity standpoint…Lila Shaw is a short pen name so bigger fonts work for me.  Shhhh. Yes, I am that vain.  LOL