Six Sentence Sunday — Succubus of the Gods #1 #SixSunday

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My six today is from a work in process, currently called Succubus of the Gods.

In this scene, our succubus heroine, Sabina, is anxiously awaiting the results of a lottery that could lead to her chance to finally escape Sisyphus Prison, where she’s been imprisoned for hundreds of years for a minor offense against one of the gods of Greek mythology.

By Creator:Otto Theodore Gustav Lingner (1856-1917) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

[Aphrodite] removes all her rings before daintily selecting a coin from the surface of the heap. “Number four–” She leans over to show the coin to Tyche. “Is this an ‘O’ or a zero?”

Tyche rolls her eyes and declares it to be a zero. Aph’s beauty is unparalleled, but she’s not the brightest star in the heavens, yet another reason why I’m here.

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