Prometheus Unstitched Release Day Special Offer!

I want to keep this as easy as possible but I want to share the celebratory fun. Here’s the deal:

Buy a copy of Prometheus Unstitched and receive a free copy of any other book from my backlist

(And you have no idea how giddy it makes me to even be able to say that I have one!)

All you have to do is:

  1. Show some sort of proof of purchase of Prometheus Unstitchedand
  2. Tell me which book you’d like for your freebee.

The easiest way for you Kindle readers to demonstrate purchase is to email me directly with a receipt from your purchase. It’s on your purchase receipt screen. See example from my recent purchase of Victoria Vane’s novella (blocked out my legal name…a gal needs a little privacy, you know):

OR from the same receipt screen, you can Tweet your Amazon purchase then post a link to your tweet as a comment with your choice of book. Tweets always appreciated even if you email! 🙂

If you forget or mess up on on either of those steps or if you purchase Prometheus from one of the other booksellers, no worries, just forward me ( your email receipt and in that email include your choice of one book from my backlist. EVERYONE should leave me a comment telling me to expect an email or containing your tweet link and backlist book choice from the following titles:

If you have already purchased / read my backlist, THANK YOU, but please consider gifting a copy to a friend. Referrals are an author’s best friends.

This offer is open to the first FIVE (5) commenters who share their proof of purchase or August 31st, whichever happens first.