Vanilla Free Christmas (Dec 2012)

Coming December 3rd from Evernight Publishing

Vanilla Free Christmas, an Evernight Christmas Anthology

Edited by Marie Medina


I’m very pleased to report that my story, “The Man Inside” has been contracted for this anthology. It features a pair of naughty co-workers — a rubenesque heroine and a damaged hero with an interesting fetish. More details to come!!


Jonah’s instant messages to Sam are the secret highlights of her workday–hot, sexy and panty-soaking. In person, however, the co-workers are nearly strangers. Excruciatingly shy, Jonah can barely make eye contact, yet in those rare, unguarded moments when he does, Sam can see the hunger inside the man straining at its leash.

Sam has her own insecurities, too. A plus-sized woman, she hasn’t had a date in over a year and is fast becoming the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend).

When Sam and Jonah mutually agree to break their solitary traditions of skipping the annual Christmas party, Sam is ready to take a chance. To her delight, the seductive man behind all those messages emerges for a night of mind-blowing exhibitionist sex … dressed as Santa Claus. Sam must decide if the damaged man on the inside is worth fighting for, and if the imperfect woman she sees in her mirror is worthy of his love.