Six Sentence Sunday — Succubus Games #2 #SixSunday

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My six today is from my upcoming release called Succubus Games (formerly called Succubus of the Gods in a prior Six Sentence Sunday). No cover yet, but I have a release date of October 8th, about a month from now. Succubus Games is part of Evernight’s Romance on the Go series, stories short enough to be read in a single sitting.

These are the first six sentences of the story:

I learned the hard way to stay out of fights that don’t concern me. The memories of those you support are extremely short and those you oppose extremely long. And if they’re petulant gods from Mount Olympus, well, you can kiss your ass goodbye.

Sisyphus Prison has been my home for centuries, and neither its landscape nor its inhabitants do much to recommend the place. A few are interesting fellows, who, like me, are only guilty of being caught between two bickering deities.

Every year the gods descend and watch our games, the highlight of which is this gladiator-type match where the winner is granted his or her freedom, and the loser is banished to Tartarus, the underworld of Hades.

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Succubus Games blurb:

Willow has had centuries in Sisyphus Prison to reinforce the hard-learned lesson that the jealous and capricious Greek gods are not to be trifled with. There are only two ways out, and both require Willow to compete in the annual gladiator match. The winner is freed while the loser marches straight to Tartarus to become one of Hades’ concubines. Willow plans to press all her succubus charms into service to gain the upper hand against her opponent…until she discovers who he is.

 Helveticus is a demi-god with a devilish plan of his own to win his freedom, a plan that begins with the seduction of his lush adversary. He is the last person Willow wishes to battle because she’s not sure whether she wants to kill him or kiss him. Only one can be crowned the victor. Who will win the war of body over heart?