Goodbye Hello–I’m Moving!

As of today, I am finally migrating my blog from the free WordPress hosted site ( to my own hosted server ( I’ve always had domain mapping so if you have bookmarks to, they will automatically take you to my new home. As soon as I turn on the redirect at WordPress, those old links to will also take you to my new home.

I’ve requested all email subscribers be transferred by the WordPress wizards today. My WordPress dashboard subscribers, however, I must regretfully leave behind. I wouldn’t if I had any say in the matter, dear readers, but such is technology. SO, when you read this, please, please, please resubscribe to my new site, either via email or Linky or RSS.

I’ve tried to give the new site the same look and feel as the old one, but I hope you’ll bear with me as I venture into the scary world of a self-hosted website and blog. There may be a few blips as the moving van goes back and forth so I can copy aesthetics as much as possible. All the posts, comments and pages should import fine….I hope. 🙂

See you on the other side!