The First NEW Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday

Did you get all that? Well, sadly the old Six Sentence Sunday ended last weekend. Some of the regulars refused to let it die and started a Facebook group called…”Six Sentence Sunday“. This is a new group in terms of administration and is not affiliated with its predecessor. The rules are pretty much the same–six sentences from a WIP, no promo. Many of my favorite SSS authors migrated there, so I will, too.

This week, I’ll do six (and give you two extra…shhh) but next week, I’ll probably graduate to Weekend Writing Warriors which allows EIGHT sentences (woo-hoo!) but for which I was too late to sign up.

So enough of the blah, blah, on with the six (plus two).

I just finished my first draft of Wild West Succubus…which as it turns out, may not be part of the Succubus Chronicles at all because it’s too long and I’ve made it a lot more urban fantasy’ish than the others. In this snippet, the heroine and succubus, Priscilla, has just asked her new hire to tell her and the rest of the men about himself at supper.

horsehead50pctWith a glance to his left then his right, he grins and says, “My name is Hugo Desmond. I was born in a St. Louis whorehouse. No idea who sired me other than he must have been a very large man, seeing as how tiny my mother was. I have a younger sister, a half sibling. I grew up in the brothel, working odd jobs, but mostly busting the heads of difficult customers and tossing out the drunks with no cash. When my mother died, I took my sister and found work for us on a large ranch and farm…

And then two more, as a warm up for Weekend Writing Warrior…

Got my sister settled with a good man, and now I’m here. The end.”

And there’s a hellova lot more that Hugo isn’t sharing. And yes, that’s a nod to Lost in there.