Weekend Writing Warriors: Gargoyle banter #8Sunday

www_tinyWelcome to my first official Weekend Writing Warriors post. Last week I did a Six Sentence Sunday (the Facebook group) with a sheepishly added extra two sentences for any warriors passing through. No more as I am legit now!

So, I’m going to share more from Wild West Succubus since it’s finished now (yay!)

In this eight, let’s see some banter between Hugo, a gargoyle (he’s a man, though, not a monster), and Priscilla, a succubus. Hugo speaks first, Priscilla second:

English: In the picture you can see a monster ...

English: In the picture you can see a monster (Gargoyle) looking over Paris. Deutsch: Ein Gargoyle an der Kathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I suppose if I ever met a woman such as you’ve described, I might feel challenged at first. But in the end, I might find her worthy.” His eyes widen and mouth gapes, baiting me with his audacity.

“The problem is only an intelligent man can recognize an intelligent woman. A fool is incapable.”

“Are you calling me a fool, Pris?”

I bat my lashes with exaggeration. “Why Mr. Desmond, if you have to ask, then you already have your answer.”

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