Publishing News! More Succubus Stories!

Yes, I have TEN (10) more succubus tales coming shortly. But these are very different from my prior stories. These are darker, moodier, edgier. There are no happy endings, though a couple might earn a tentative “happy for now” if you consider the term to be extremely relative. Some are pure erotica. Others are erotic horror. None of them are erotic romances. Just want to be really clear.

All of them are kick-ass stories set in a wide, wide range of worlds and situations. I’ll have contemporary, sci-fi, pirates, historical, paranormal (well they all are to some degree since they all feature succubi), dystopian, post-apocalyptic, to name a few.

I will be releasing three (3) volumes of short stories with each volume being about 10-12k in length and consisting of three to four stories each. If you want all three volumes, I’ll also be releasing a “boxed set” of all three volumes, ten stories.

COMING in May 2013!

Here are the covers (subject to some tweaking) and a little bit about the ladies featured in each volume:

Succubus Bites Vol1alt2 Succubus Bites Vol2alt
Succubus Bites Vol3 Succubus Bites RRRalt

And their stories:

Volume One:  Reformation

In section one, Reformation, three creationary tales reveal how a succubus might be made and why, whether through deception or force. These dark stories highlight the loss of a woman’s power when she succumbs to her baser instincts and as a result becomes a slave to them.

BRONWYN is a young woman unable to resist an attraction to a mysterious man she has exchanged glances with for several weeks running. Encouraged by her friend, she finally musters the courage to introduce herself. Her admirer, however, has more sinister intentions in mind.

CORINNE AND DELILAH introduces us to two destitute sisters, who are clutching to the fringes of polite eighteenth century English society. Their only hope of survival is to find husbands amongst the gentlemen they meet at a ball. Their unwise choices, however, offer more radical solutions than any they could have anticipated.

ERIN awakens in a laboratory, as helpless and blank as a newborn. Scientists have genetically altered her into an E.R.I.N. or enhanced reproductive impulse nurse, a comfort woman for the military.

Volume Two:  Rage

In section two, Rage, the three succubi featured need men to satisfy their carnal appetites, but are unhappy creatures and contemptuous of their prey.

MAEVE is an office worker who targets her philandering boss. She easily seduces him one afternoon in the office, all the while plotting his downfall.

QUETZL is a virtual succubus who lives in a video game as an obstacle the players must overcome in order to win. Her methods are as stealthy as they are carnal, and once targeted, few players ever make it past her.

URSULA’s world is a zombie apocalyptic nightmare. She is one of a group of survivors, who face the constant threat of a gruesome death and resurrection. Life isn’t so nice inside their stronghold either as the strong and the arrogant attempt to take advantage of those they perceive–at their peril–to be weak.

Volume Three:  Recreation

Section three is entitled Recreation. The succubi in these stories have found methods of co-existing with humans, though they still guard the secret of their nature and are not all angels when having their fun.

FELICITY disguises herself as a man to sail aboard a pirate vessel. The men onboard have no idea that the succubus visiting each of them in their dreams is their baby-faced shipmate, “Phil”.

SOLANGE is the only librarian able to put up with the high-handed antics of one of the university’s young professors. Within the stacks however, she has her own lesson to teach the arrogant young man.

HELENA is also in a university setting only she has her eye on the handsome professor she’s been denying herself all semester. Now that finals are over, the gloves are off.

TASMIN lives in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the few survivors must fight for scarce resources. Picked up as a hitchhiker, she makes a deal with her sleazy savior; only a starving succubus is not always capable of reigning in her appetite.

Ten stories. Eleven intriguing women / succubi.

COMING in May 2013!

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