Regrettable Book of the Week™ — “The Baker’s Bitch”

It’s time for the “Regrettable Book of the Week™”! Yay! For those of you new to my series, this is 100% parody. You are more than welcome to laugh, snicker and guffaw at my amateurish photoshopping and blurb writing. Bad is good. Good is bad.

Today I have a guest submission by the uber-awesome and fellow Pen sister who hails from the wild beauty of Alaska, Sheryl Winters. I just wish my photoshop skills were a little better to do Sheryl’s cover concept justice. I tried, Sheryl, I did. But let’s get to the fun story now…

BakersBitchThe Tagline:

What’s a spotted bitch to do when run over by Prince Charming?

The blurb:

Shia is a shifter, from a line of prestigious Dalmations. The shifter population is dying out, so when her father presses her to marry her second cousin Louis, she accepts it. What’s a little inbreeding when the fate of your family is on the line? So what if he looks like a scamp and his fur has mange. She knows her duty to her family!

After an attempt at her life by ruthless Tiger Shifters, Shia panics and races into the road still in her shifter form. She is hit by Kerr McGregor, the town’s hottie baker. The man is single-handedly responsible for baking all the delicious treats in the neighborhood, and incidentally the man she’s been in love with since the day she turned sixteen and first discovered the word croissant.

Kerr takes her in during her time of need. He sees only the poor sick Dalmation that she is. But then Shia does the unthinkable. She falls in love with her master.

Should she stay with him as a Dalmation, forgoing shifting just to enjoy all the tummy rubbings and leftover donuts she can get? Or should she reveal her shifter nature, an act so forbidden that if found out, she will forever be shunned by shifter society? Or will she miss her only chance at true love?

I think she did a great job, don’t you?

Do you have an idea for the next “Regrettable Book of the Week™”? Be sure to share in the comments if so.


Disclaimer: “Regrettable Book of the Week™” is a completely fictional (duh!) creation for parody purposes only. I have no product beyond what you see in this post. Photos are free download proofs of stock photos or photos I have purchased, not to be used for commercial purposes. This is not a commercial purpose, however, Sheryl Winters and I retain any and all creative story rights in the highly unlikely event we accidentally create something that might be worth a damn.

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