#8Sunday Is there a Mrs. Gargoyle?


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English: In the picture you can see a monster ...

English: In the picture you can see a monster (Gargoyle) looking over Paris. Deutsch: Ein Gargoyle an der Kathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My eight sentences for Weekend Writing Warriors this week come from my first western, Wild West Succubus. In this bit, the hero is giving the heroine her fourth lesson about demons. Priscilla is a succubus and Hugo is a gargoyle, a specially trained slayer of demons.

We’re in Priscilla’s POV, and she speaks first:

“Are all gargoyles male?” The idea of Hugo having a Mrs. Gargoyle tucked away somewhere, or off doing her own demon purging bothers me. (<<<click to tweet this) I see her more likely to charge in any second to annihilate my uncleanliness than Hugo.

“There are a few female gargoyles back east, more in Europe, but very few undergo training and take the oath,” he says with a hint of pride.

No Mrs. Gargoyle then. Good. Although why it would matter is beyond ludicrous.

Wild West Succubus is coming August 19, 2013 from Liquid Silver Books. I’ve seen a cover draft, but since it’s not yet finalized, I can’t share it. Waah. Soon though.

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