Mid Week Tease — "You're Not Going to Seduce Me"

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Thanks to Sandra Bunino for starting a new weekly meme. All of the participants are sharing teasers from our latest works.

My debut mid week tease is from my forthcoming release, Wild West Succubus, dropping August 19th. If you like what you read, I hope you’ll consider adding it to your TBR pile. 🙂

Here’s a little morsel of an exchange between the succubus heroine, Priscilla, and her antagonist / hero, Hugo, as they lie in wait for a demon:

wildwestsuccubus_FINALCOVERI nod and dismount. The air between us is thick with tension. Hugo’s jaw is tight and his movements controlled and crisp. Gone is the sly and arrogant man I first met, and the worst part is, I really don’t understand why.

We crowd into the small space he’s indicated and wait, both of us silent. Hugo’s scent, male and musky, curls into my nostrils and stirs me. I tense to hold my itch at bay. Now is definitely not the time to feed my sexual cravings. I gaze at his moonlit profile as he watches the area where the carcass was found. His nose is straight but slightly full at the tip, jawline sharply angled. Every swallow he takes, moves his Adam’s apple beneath the smooth skin of his neck, a neck I hunger to press kisses upon, bite and lick.

“Stop it, Pris,” Hugo whispers, turning a severe gaze upon me.

“Stop what?” I whisper back, but I don’t stop my perusal of him.

“Stop looking at me like that.” He scans the distance, avoiding my eyes.

“How am I looking at you that you find so disturbing?” His hot and cold demeanor is giving me whiplash.

He turns to engage me full on. “You’re not going to seduce me, so stop trying.”

I puff up with outrage. How dare he pin this on me! “I am not trying to seduce you!” I have to hold my voice down to a whispery rasp. We’ve picked the wrong time and place to bicker.

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