#8Sunday Not the Kind of Doms She Expected


DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

My eight sentences for Snippet Sunday this week come from my short story “Slave Driver”. This story is one of twelve in the Evernight anthology, His, releasing on August 15th!

Slave Driver is about a personal trainer and his newest client. Though they ran in different circles in high school, they definitely remember each other and the near miss that might have been, and maybe there might be a wee bit of a grudge. Heroine Kristy has been hanging from a chinup bar, trying to hold her head above the bar, for nearly five minutes…and this is her third attempt.

He’d been taunting her since the warm up ended and if Curtis hadn’t warned her of his abrasive motivational style, she’d have been outta there an hour ago.

His laughter rankled her, but when he said, “Maybe if you lost a little bit of that ass the size of Texas you could hang better,” she seriously wanted to cut him.

“When I … get down … gonna kick you … in the … nuts!” She let out a shout of pain as her biceps spasmed. “Son of a bitch! Mother-fucker!” One of the kettlebells shifted painfully on her instep.

“Now you hush that filthy mouth of yours.”

Oh yeah, and she had weights on her feet too.

Here’s more about the anthology:

HIS1mStrength. Power. Experience. No obstacle is too great when an alpha male decides what he wants, and these dominating men are so sexy and irresistible, no woman would dare think of anything but submission. Billionaires, Doms, and mobsters alike aggressively go after the women they want, and they will stop at nothing to fully possess them and make them beg for more.

Come and find out how good it feels to be HIS.

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Releases August 15, 2013.