I Have a New Release! Slave Driver!


That’s my story’s name, Slave Driver. It’s part of a new anthology from Evernight called, HIS, and features 280 pages of yummy alpha males. My contribution is on 26 of those pages. Each tale is a fantastic mini-vacation.

Now, I don’t normally write overbearing alpha male stories, but this one is a sort of a crossover from raging alpha to the subdued alpha / strong beta that I normally write. The hero, Blake, is this overbearing personal trainer in a crossfit gym fittingly named Inferno Crossfit. The heroine, Kristy Kreem (yes, really), is sure he is the devil himself. She remembers him as the bad boy from high school she nearly hooked up with but for a misunderstanding and pride. Sixteen years later and the couple have another “at bat”.

All of the other eleven stories feature your favorite strong hero tropes of millionaires, billionaires, doms, the uniformed, and there’s even a mafia man in there from my good friend, Sandra Bunino, plus a few new ones.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy! I predict this one will be a huge hit. And if you like M/M, checkout His: Manlove edition, our brother anthology releasing today as well.

And no, it’s not in paperback format…yet…but maybe one day. That cover above is just the cool product of some freeware I found that allows you to turn a book’s cover image into a 3D image. Cool, huh?

Purchase HIS at:







P.S. to my lovely Street Team members…we’re still building the team so that’s why we haven’t tapped you yet to help us promote this one. Certainly if the spirit moves you to tweet or Facebook about this release, do so with my gratitude, but we have nothing organized yet. Stay Tuned!