Mid-Week Tease: Meet Hugo Desmond, gargoyle

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Thanks to Sandra Bunino for starting a new weekly meme. All of the participants are sharing teasers from our latest works.

My snippet is from my new release, Wild West Succubus. This is where the succubus heroine, Priscilla, first meets Hugo. He’s just told her they’ve met before, the prior Christmas when she extended an employment offer to him. She doesn’t remember him…at all.

I hope you’ll consider adding Wild West Succubus to your TBR pile. 🙂

wildwestsuccubus_FINALCOVER175x240I do a more thorough physical inventory of Hugo—unruly dark hair contrasts with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. His considerable height I would estimate at well above six feet, perhaps by as many as four inches. Ridiculously long, lean legs that are straight and not bowed and a broad muscular chest proclaim him to be more of a granger than a cowboy. His fingernails are clean, as are his clothes, and unlike most of my other help, he wears no unpleasant odors. Yes, I may have bedded this one, but he’s changed something about his appearance and has thrown me off his scent. I wonder why.

I give him a tight smile. “Very well then, Mr. Desmond. Welcome to the Flying P Ranch. I hope you’ll be happy here, but do plan on working hard, understand?”

The sly grin returns. “Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am,” he says restoring his hat to his head.

I jerk my head in the opposite direction I’m going. “Mess hall’s that way and Cook’s calling. You’d best get a wiggle on before it’s all gone.”

He smiles again and passes me in the narrow space, his shoulder barely grazing mine. The touch sets off a tornado of want, and I have to gut check a groan. This man is going to be dangerous to my control, even more so than Gray. Worse still … I’m almost positive he knows it.


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