Evernight Readers' Choice Awards–I snagged a nomination (or two)

I have no idea who to thank, so I’ll send out a blanket “THANK YOU!” to any and all who read Prometheus Unstitched and especially to those who nominated it for the first Evernight Readers’ Choice award in the Humor category. Prometheus made it to the semi-finals, I’m thrilled to announce.

Semi-Finalist HumorBut that’s not all…

Two anthologies containing my short stories were also nominated. HIS (“Slave Driver”) and Vanilla Free Christmas (“The Man Within”) both got nods. I have competing stories! LOL No favorites on my part.

Semi-Finalist Antho

Thank you for those two nods as well.  😀

What’s next, you ask?


Go HERE to vote for your favorites. Voting closes November 30th