Second Chance Layover — Part 12 (FREE Holiday Blog Serial)

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And now, PART 12 of Second Chance Layover (Click title to read a quick summary of the story.)


Cover12Charli ~

I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I was a sexy vixen. I unlocked the door and he pushed it open, banging the back of it against the doorstop. I kicked it closed as he carried me inside and eased me down against the wall.

His body melded into mine as he planted kisses along my jawbone and down my neck. He found the exact spot just under my ear that made my legs turn to jelly. I moaned and pulled his shirt from beneath the waistband of his jeans. My hand snaked under the crisp cotton, my palm discovering the muscular planes of his back as my other hand raked through his hair.

Stepping back slightly, he made enough room between our bodies for his fingers to make quick work of the buttons on my blouse. He pushed the fabric over my shoulders and I followed his glance downward to my cleavage. I sent a silent prayer to the lingerie goddesses for helping me make the right choice in underwear that morning. The tops of my breasts peaked out of the lacy pushup bra just as the Victoria’s Secret sales girl said they would.

A primal growl erupted from his lips. I giggled. So much for sexy vixen, but I was loving every ministration of Cal’s tongue along my heated skin. I arched my back, pushing my breasts against his chest as I reached behind and unhooked my bra. It stayed in place between our bodies until he trailed his fingers down my arms taking the bra straps with them. A shiver ran through my body when his palms slid beneath the lace, baring me, to cup my breasts. His thumbs circled my nipples as he broke our kiss.

“I’ve been wanting to do this all day,” he whispered into my mouth.

I unbuttoned Cal’s shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. He jerked both arms free of the sleeves and cuffs and dropped it on the floor with my discarded blouse. He picked me up again and carried me to the bed. We toppled together on the cool comforter. The bulge of his jeans pushed against my belly sending a flood of slick heat to my sex. His body became still and my half-closed eyes flicked up to meet his stare. He brushed a wisp of hair from my face and smiled down at me.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Charli?” His husky voice moved through me causing me to catch my breath.

“More than anything.” My fingers traced the muscles of his shoulders and arms. I used to wonder what touching him would feel like. Now I knew enough to know I wanted more.

He blew out a breath. “Good, because I don’t think I could stop now.” He slithered down my body and released the button of my jeans, which I wriggled out of with his help.

“My god, you’re beautiful.” He stared down at me.

Emma Stone Panties

Emma Stone Panties (Photo credits: Giphy)

I pushed up onto my elbows giving him a come hither crook of my finger. Yes, the sexy vixen was back.

He stuck his index finger up and mouthed ‘one second’ as he strode to his suitcase on the floor. I scooched up the mattress until my head reached the pillow. I grinned as he rooted around in his suitcase. A series clicks, zippers and a torrent of swear words later, Cal was at the foot of the bed shimmying out of his jeans. His cock sprung from its confines in glorious fashion. I licked my lips and our eyes met.

“You have grown up, Charli Tierney,” he chuckled and crawled up my body resting his weight on his elbows. He turned to his side and put the foil square between his teeth.

“Allow me,” I took it from his hand and tore it open before kissing him. Pushing on his shoulders, I toppled him to the side and straddled his body, inching downward toward his legs. I took his length into my hands, sliding my palm over his velvety flesh. His groan filled my ears. Like a beacon, my sex responded to his earthy response. I needed him inside me. I rolled the condom on and guided his tip to my heat. We moaned in unison as I slowly took him into my core.

“Charli.” He sat up and wrapped his arms around my back as his cock filled me. His day old stubble abraded my cheek as he moved within me. The sound and smell of sex filled the room.

I breathed hot and deep into his mouth as our tongues matched the sexy rhythm of our bodies. He lay back and dragged his hand from my breast over my belly, venturing lower until his thumb found my most sensitive spot. I threw my head back as his digit orchestrated a talented dance on my engorged button of nerves. I rode him harder, the sensual slap of our sweaty aroused bodies meeting as one spurred me on as I tumbled over the edge with him into a sea of moans and whispers.

He pulled me down onto him and cradled me into his arms. We laid together as our breathing returned to normal. He rolled me to the side so my back was against his chest and kissed my head. “Wow. Can I just say something?”

A grin crossed my lips.

“Your brother is going to kill me, but at least I’ll die happy.”

I giggled and covered his hand with mine. “Well he did tell you to take care of me, didn’t he?”

We ordered a pizza, half pepperoni for him, half olives for me, ate, talked and laughed about the serious and the silly before making love again. The sun’s rays started to peek through the curtain before Cal then I drifted off to sleep.


Whew! I need a cigarette!

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