What NOT to Do When You're Attracted to Your Boss #MWTease

MidWeekTease2Huge thanks and acknowledgement to the hostess with the mostess, Sandra Bunino, for sponsoring the Mid Week Tease meme.

Today I’m going to give you a little some’in-some’in from my story in the forthcoming anthology from Evernight Publishing, Executive Assistant. My story is called “A Knight With The Boss”.

The heroine, Tory Knight, is a talented video game programmer who has just signed on with the company that bought out her family’s company, a sale she was powerless to stop. Due to a non-compete agreement, she’s become the newest employee of Gorman Designs for a year. If only the charismatic head of the company, Rafe Gorman, wasn’t so…so…

“Do I make you nervous?” The stare was back, even as he ripped off a piece of naan and chewed, daring her not to watch the slide and shift of a pair of full lips. What would those lips feel like on hers? She bet he was a good kisser, all intensely passionate, both hard and soft at the same time.


“You don’t make me nervous,” she lied.


He nodded, but his eyes darkened as he gazed at her. “Well, you make me nervous.”


Tory choked on her own saliva. Ridiculous that he had this effect on her. “I make you nervous?” She snorted back a laugh. He had to be playing with her. “Right.”


“You do, because I don’t know how long I’ll be able to resist the temptation to kiss you.” He took her hand in his and stroked her palm with his thumb. He pressed a soft kiss where his thumb had been. With his other hand, he whispered his fingertips up her inner arm until reaching her elbow. Lifting his head, he captured her gaze. “And no, I was sorely mistaken. One kiss will never be enough.” He dropped his head and pressed kisses upon her wrist and in the bend of her elbow.executive-assistant


Tory quivered from the raw sensuality of his touch. “It won’t?” She didn’t pull her arm away, however. She knew she should. That’s what any self-respecting woman would do. Why didn’t she? Why couldn’t she? Rafe Gorman was her boss, her conqueror, and the instrument of her father’s ruin. She should hate him. She wanted to hate him, except he gave her a dream job with a generous salary and dammit, she liked him. Her father had urged her to do what she loved and not worry about who signed her checks. He had been thrilled with the sale. She should be too.


Rafe scooted his chair closer to hers and brought his lips to her ear, not close enough to touch her, but close enough to tease the anticipation to almost painful levels. “I know I shouldn’t. But I can’t help myself.” His breath stirred a loose strand of her hair, tickling her cheek. “I’ve wanted you from the first moment I laid eyes on you.” Warm lips skimmed the shell of her ear, his breath hot, his voice rich and silky. “You are magnificent, through and through.”


Tory’s tensed through her neck and shoulders and her traitorous breath came faster. Her pussy muscles clenched and released, the heat between her thighs nearly forcing them to part in invitation. A shiver raced down her spine.


Rafe chuckled. “And you know what else?” He paused, but when she didn’t answer, he continued. “You want me too,” he growled, low and feral before taking her lips with his.


The kiss cut like a knife through her restraints, skewering the tiny feminist screeching in her brain about how dare he treat her like this! This man who stole her father’s livelihood and forced her to work for him! She wasn’t some wide-eyed piece of ass he could fondle just because he felt like it.


She should have put a stop to it.


Instead she parted her lips and allowed his tongue entry into her mouth.


Really she should have stopped him right then. She couldn’t.


Rafe tugged her from her chair onto his lap, deepening the kiss.


Her resistance was laughably non-existent. Embarrassing. She had no pride. None.


Wouldn’t have mattered anyway. He was unstoppable. She was a lamb in his arms—pliant, malleable, and God, so desirous. Of Rafe. Of the lips sparking magic against hers, of tongues curling and caressing, of softs pants of lust and want mingling into a harmony of male and female.


What magic was this?


She had sold her soul to the devil and told him to keep the change.

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