What's on a Heroine's bucket list? Welcome to Paradise! #Giveaway

ParadiseCoverIn Welcome to Paradise the heroine, Sutton Callaway has gone back to her childhood home in order to run the 980 acre cattle ranch she inherited. Sutton hasn’t had the best of luck with romantic relationships and the men in her life, but now she’s surrounded by rough and tumble men and a sexy mystery man who has her doing some hot fantasizing. The clear cut hero in Sutton’s life is up for grabs in this novella, which kicks off the Paradise Ranch series, so we’ll have to wait and see what man wins her heart as the series unfolds.

Sutton’s Romantic Bucket List

  1. Watch the sun set while being held within her man’s arms.
  2. Snuggle with her man under the big Texas sky and star gaze.
  3. Kissing in the rain.
  4. Be served breakfast in bed.
  5. Feed each other chocolate dipped strawberries.
  6. Do naughty things with whip cream.
  7. Do naughty things together in the shower after the naughty whip cream session.
  8. Slow dancing.
  9. Have a song sung to her about her.
  10. Hearing him say, “Sutton. I love you.”


Now after that, I know you want to know more about the book about our heroine. Keep reading for a chance to win a copy and some other cool prizes!

First, here is more about the book:

Title: Welcome to Paradise, A Paradise Ranch Novella

Author: London Saint James

Publisher: Roane Publishing

Release Date: August 18, 2014

Keywords: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Western, Novella, Series



Just three days before her thirtieth birthday, Acquisition Editor for Starling Press, Sutton Callaway, has buried the last of her family in the cemetery on the plot of land she inherited.


After turning down the powerful and wealthy owner of Triple Bar-S Ranch to sell her inheritance and walk away from the obligations of running one of the biggest cattle ranches in West Texas, Sutton puts her Dallas condo on the market, resigns her position from SP, packs the contents of her life into boxes, and heads for the one place filled with bittersweet memories—Paradise Ranch.


Will Sutton be able to handle the pressures of being the newly appointed cattle baroness, the rough and tumble men under her employ, and the temptation of a sexy mystery man? Or will her grandmother’s matriarchal boots be too big for her to fill?


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London wrote her first short story in the second grade. Her teacher informed her parents she had a big imagination, and as far as he was concerned, having a big imagination wasn’t necessarily a good thing, so she placed her vivid characters, her childhood stories, along with her imagination on the shelf, where they would wither for a while. After all, she needed to grow up and do the “sensible thing.”

Life moved on, London grew up, and the sensible thing earned London a degree in Psychology. She took a serious job in the real world, doing serious things and being a responsible adult, although the need to be a little irresponsible crept in. As a result, she started scribbling again.

Happy to find her imagination was still alive and kicking, she decided to pursue writing, walked away from doing the sensible thing, took on the world of the written word, and has never looked back!


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