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Orphans of the often cruel foster care system of Detroit, Cathy and Trey practically grew up together, until the day Trey turned eighteen and left, taking Cathy’s broken trust and heart with him. Years have passed and the former lovers, now known as Diesel and Thorn, are members of rival motorcycle clubs.

Thorn is the closest she ever been to having her lifelong dream of belonging to a family. Being the old lady of the Gargoyles MC’s president isn’t perfect, life never is, but it checks off most of her comfort boxes. Love might be one of the unchecked boxes but she’s learned the hard way to lower her expectations.

As a product of the streets, Diesel rules the Heathens MC the only way he knows how: ruthlessly. But when a girl turns up dead and an unspeakable line is crossed, Diesel has no choice but to crush the Gargoyles once and for all. He can’t back down, even if it means again hurting the only woman he’s ever loved.

Caught in the crossfire, Thorn must decide between two men not knowing which, if either, she can trust.