Works in Process

I’ve got over twenty different succubus short stories covering the gamut of genres and worlds, three of which have been published thus far in separate anthologies.  You like historicals? I got it covered. Zombies? Got those too.  Post apocalyptic nightmarish worlds? Why yes, I even have that. I also have superheroes, demons, space opera, cowboys, pirates, science fiction, Greek mythology, steampunk and of course, contemporary. Hopefully something for everyone who enjoys an interesting story with their erotic heat.

I’m in process of assembling them into one or two volumes of short stories that cover a progression of themes, all centering around the life of a succubus. I begin with tales of creation, then progress through the various emotional phases of rage, coping, playfulness and end with tales of redemption, peace and love. Each story is named after its succubus heroine(s)

The Succubus Chronicles

And for fun, I’ve nabbed the domain name which will eventually serve as the index to all the succubus tales.