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Succubus Steam (January 2013)

I have cover art and a release date for Succubus Steam! Behold: And the blurb: A succubus half-breed, such as Violet, who hobnobs with the highest echelons of Victorian London society, is a… Continue reading

Six Sentence Sunday — Succubus Steam #2 #SixSunday

Welcome to “Six Sentence Sunday”.  Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you might be inclined to leave. My six today is from my forthcoming January Romance on the Go release,… Continue reading

Wicked After Dark Blog Hop (Oct 24 – Nov 1)

WINNER IS:  RATMOM!! (Entry #8) Hosted by Close Encounters with the Night Kind and Natasha Blackthorne Welcome to my WICKED blog! See that chicky in the blog hop button? She’s a succubus, one… Continue reading