Six Sentence Sunday — Succubus Steam #2 #SixSunday

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My six today is from my forthcoming January Romance on the Go release, Succubus Steam, another story from The Succubus Chronicles.

In this six, Violet, our heroine, provides some backstory:

The double-edged sword of being the product of a succubus mother and a mortal father is that while I am not a predator and can be satisfied, for a time, through self-administered sexual release, Society does not look kindly upon a wanton. A succubus half-breed, such as myself, who hobnobs with the highest echelons of London society, is bride in a difficult marriage of extremes. Any act that wants of propriety, and I would find myself ushered out on the first coach to the wilds of Cornwall. My half-sisters dwell there to feed upon the thick abundance of sailors passing through her ports. Yet, because my lifespan is finite, I do prefer the company of mortals to those who prey upon them, even if I must periodically engage in discreet acts of congress. My full-blooded succubus sisters are preternatural, but they are parasitic to mortals as are their loathsome incubus fathers and cousins.

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