Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome to my first “Six Sentence Sunday”.  Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you might leave me.  I thrive upon feedback.

This excerpt is from “F is for Felicity”, a short story from an anthology I’m currently working on called the “Succubus Wiki”

“I’ve no problem if a succubus wishes to prey upon the wet dreams of my men.  Lord knows the crew needs the nocturnal diversion when there are no women to be found, and I don’t want them buggering each other.”

Where is he going with this?

“But if she walks among us, slowly sucking the life out of my men, ’tis a tale of a different sort altogether.” Captain leans back in his chair and tips his tobacco pouch into his pipe.  “Stooley seemed to think,” he chuckles and tamps down the aromatic contents, “that you, my dear boy, and this Felicity are one and the same.”

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