Six Sentence Sunday — "Priscilla"

Welcome to my seventh “Six Sentence Sunday”.  Thank you for visiting and especially for any comments you might leave me.

This teaser comes from a short story I wrote during NaNo for the “Succubus Wiki”. The Wiki will be an anthology of short stories featuring a variety of succubi from all different worlds and genres.  Kind of an erotic sampler.

Priscilla’s story is a western set on a ranch.  She is the widow of the former owner and is now the Flying P’s manager.  Since good help is hard to find, she’s careful to keep the feeding of her succubus needs discrete and directed away from her ranch hands.  Occasionally, she slips up.


Image by AngryGlock via Flickr

Gray grins, his mouth full of half-chewed biscuits. “I slept like a baby myself.”

The others snort back their laughter.

I sigh.  I don’t know why I expected better from Gray.  But little boys must be taught their lessons, and the first one is don’t fuck with a succubus who holds your soul in hock.

Uh-oh, I think someone’s in some deep cow patties.

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