Six Sentence Sunday — "G is for Gaia" #SixSunday

English: The Education Of A Superhero Cover

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This teaser comes from a short story I wrote during NaNo for the “Succubus Wiki”. The Wiki will be an anthology of short stories featuring a variety of succubi from all different worlds and genres.  Kind of an erotic sampler. This six is taken from Gaia’s story.

Gaia is a succubus who has set her mind to nailing one of the superheroes greeting the public the one day of the year the League of Justice’s hall is open to tourists. She’s explaining her choice of target to her incubus friend and speaks first:

“I think this is the year I finally land [Madagascar Man].”

“The Roach guy?  Really Gaia.  Why on earth are you still chasing after that disgusting creature?  You don’t know where he’s been, and besides, he’s always so rude to you.”

“He’s practically indestructible.”

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