Six Sentence Sunday — Gaia Unleashed #SixSunday

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Today’s teaser is from a short story I wrote during NaNo for the “Succubus Wiki”. The Wiki will be an anthology of short stories featuring a variety of succubi from all different worlds and genres.  Kind of an erotic sampler. This six is the second taken from Gaia’s story.

Gaia is a succubus who has set her mind to nailing one of the superheroes greeting the public the one day of the year the League of Justice’s hall is open to tourists. In last week’s six, she explained her choice of target to her incubus friend.  This week she zeroes in on Madagascar Man, a superhero with the cockroach-like ability to survive a nuclear explosion.  Actually, he absorbs the full energy of the explosion, thus protecting mankind with his superpower.  That same energy makes him very attractive to a hungry succubus.

Our eyes lock for only a second before our lips crash together in a frenzy of need.  Still kissing, I stumble over his feet as he draws me backwards.  I don’t care what his plan is; I only care what mine is, and it’s getting this man between my legs and inside me as quickly as possible.

Somewhere in the distance a door slams and the air flutters the hem of my dress.  Now that he’s maneuvered me into the laundry room with its whooshing washers and thumping dryers, I unleash my wild side.

So does Philippe.

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