Six Sentence Sunday — "All's Fair in Love and War" #SixSunday

The Matchmaker

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This teaser comes from my soon to be released novella called “All’s Fair in Love and War.”  The book is interspersed with the heroine’s dream sequences that are parodies of various romance sub-genres she loves to read. This six comes from a dream sequence that is a little Yentl meets Fiddler on the Roof. Sarah is Shelby’s mother and the hero and heroine have had a disastrous one night stand in real life.

“Where is the wench?” [Colin] asked with a bored air, looking right past [Shelby].

Sarah shoved Shelby forward until she stood toe to toe with Colin. She gazed up at him, wanting to dislike him but unable to control the flutters in her stomach or the simpering smile that broke free from its bonds of pride. She saw him wrinkle his nose when he recognized her. Without a word to her, he turned to the Rabinowitzes and said, “Who else have you got? I’ve already kicked the tires and given this one a test drive and found her quite…unacceptable.”

Ooh, ouch! That stings. More like a nightmare, methinks. All’s Fair in Love and War releases May 11th from Evernight Publishing.
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