Blog Tour (continued)

I have been remiss in continuing my tour with links:

On May 21st, I returned to Boxers or Briefs to reveal whether Colin from All’s Fair in Love and War was a boxers or briefs or other kind of guy. Did you guess correctly?

Also on May 21st, I wrote a guest piece for Siobhan Muir’s blog called “Can Sex Be Funny?”, one of my cuter pieces if I do say so myself.

On May 23rd, I am guest posting on Avery Flynn’s blog with some hot men for gratuitous– No, I did not objectify them, honestly…mostly. But as a teaser, this is one of the men pictured:

Marco Dapper

Oh my! (as George Takei would say)

I have a couple more stops next week, but I’ll provide an update later this week for those!

While All’s Fair has fallen off All Romance ebooks’ top chick lit bestsellers list, it remains on the top 30-day bestseller list for Bookstrand for erotic chick lit / hen lit. Not bad!

Thank you to all who picked up a copy! And if you’d like a chance to win a free copy, be sure to comment at Avery’s blog because one is up for grabs there.