Six Sentence Sunday — Naughty Fairy Tale #1 #SixSunday

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I’ve been working on a naughty fairy tale based loosely on The Princess and the Pea that so far I’m calling The Vixen and the Pea. I know.  Groan away. But anyway, it’s set in the fictional kingdom of Basqueland (yes, probably somewhere near the French and Spanish border) and pits Prince Koldo against Lady Otsana, who is a shrewish little thing with a dark secret.

In this early bit, Koldo is devising a list of pre-requisites for any woman he might be pushed by duty into marrying. He assumes the more onerous the list, the longer he can defer taking a wife.

The Princess and the Pea

“She must have all her teeth, first and foremost!” he exclaimed aloud as he scribbled his non-negotiable requirement.

“She must possess an intelligence capable of engaging and surpassing the highest sages in the land.” Koldo smiled as he scratched down his second requirement.  His grin fell however, as he recalled Lady Otsana, an annoying female with a mind designed to challenge in the most quarrelsome manner.

“She must be of sound health and constitution,” he wrote with a shrug. He would receive no objections to that requirement but did not dare take any chances at being besieged by the bedridden, the emaciated and the morbidly obese due to a loophole.

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