Six Sentence Sunday — Naughty Fairy Tale #2 #SixSunday

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If you visited me a month or so ago, you got a peek at my naughty fairy tale when it was still in process. I’m happy to announce that I contracted with Evernight for Vixen and the Pea. Edits went very swiftly so Evernight moved up my release date to June 26th!!

Based loosely on The Princess and the Pea, Prince Koldo is being forced by his parents to choose a bride and settle down. They favor a match with Lady Otsana Tixier. Neither Koldo nor the lady herself, however, are keen on the idea. Both have been donning disguises and sowing wild oats in a neighboring kingdom, Otsana as Fleur and Koldo as Bero. Free of the head covering and heavy veils worn by the maidens of the court, Fleur’s identity as Otsana is secure for the time being.

In this scene, Otsana and her mother are having tea with the Queen. Otsana is daydreaming about her tryst with Bero.

Only one more day until she would meet him again, only he wasn’t Prince Koldo in their little room at the inn. Oh sure, he wore the same face and exhibited the same arrogant traits, but Bero was actually charming and funny and the best sex she’d ever had. The one her mother and the Queen discussed was a pompous ass who curled his lip whenever she said anything, his gaze wandering about the room as if bored out of his mind and wishing he were anywhere else than listening to her.

Neither man could ever be hers as an equal partner. To one she would be chattel until she bore him a son; to the other she was nothing more than a whore to play with until he tired of her and moved on. Neither would ever want her for who she was inside, and if the Lady and Prince wed, he would certainly discover they were the same woman.

Kind of crappy set of choices, but such was the life of a woman in the Middle Ages…sigh. If you’re interested in entering to win a copy of Vixen and the Pea, be sure to out my Lovestruck Giveaway blog hop post going on until Friday the 22nd. There I have a larger excerpt AND a book trailer.

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