Six Sentence Sunday — Soul of the Succubus #2 #SixSunday

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Soul of the Succubus is a Romance on the Go story from Evernight, short enough at 8500 words to be read in a single sitting, before bed, on a commute, etc.  A short story writer at heart, I love that the world of digital publishing makes this length viable for a stand-alone work.

In this six, we meet a secondary character in the story of a succubus who goes to hell to redeem her soul after fulfilling her contract. Raziel is the boss man’s demon muscle charged with holding Yve, our heroine, captive. Yve’s rescuer has just arrived and is the speaker. I can’t tell you who it is though, to avoid spoilers.

“Raziel! Look! A virgin! Out in the hallway!”

Raziel grunts and charges out of the room, tackling a she-demon with blue skin and red eyes to the ground. [Rescuer] slams the door but not before I hear the demon’s cackles and Raziel’s lusty roars.

Soul of the Succubus

I got all kinds of not so nice critters in this one. Soul of the Succubus releases July 24th from Evernight Publishing.

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