Six Sentence Sunday — Soul of the Succubus #3 #SixSunday

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Soul of the Succubus is a Romance on the Go story from Evernight, short enough at 8500 words to be read in a single sitting, before bed, on a commute, etc. This will the be the last Six from this particular story for a while.

In this scene, Yve learns the “special” ceremony to signal her contract’s fulfillment and reclaim her soul may have a few more witnesses than she expected.

Around the sides of the pit are at least ten lounge chairs. The chamber soars two stories, and at the top, windows allow viewers to peer down.

I spin to face Lou. “The contract says under your supervision, not all your minions’.”

Lou laughs. “We are legion.”

Soul of the Succubus

Soul of the Succubus releases July 24th from Evernight Publishing.

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