Birthday Time! All Titles on Sale!


I love a good bargain, I do. So, I gotta keep plugging the Evernight Birthday Bash deals to celebrate their second birthday!

So, at All Romance eBooks, all Evernight titles are 50% off. They sell most if not all ebook formats.

Soul of The Succubus2.99  NOW $1.49

Vixen and the Pea3.99 NOW $1.99

All’s Fair in Love and War4.99  NOW $2.49

Prometheus Unstitched — 3.99 NOW $1.99

Other books containing my stories that are on sale are:

Find these and all my books currently on sale at ARe with this link: Lila Shaw search results

While you’re at ARe, be sure to download the free Passionate Cooks cookbook. I have a yummy pork chop recipe inside, and I’m starting to hear good things about some of the other recipes, too.

BUT if you’re a Kindle owner (or know how to convert MOBI/PRC formatted files to other formats–Caliber!), the best price is at Amazon where:

Prometheus Unstitched is only 99 CENTS!

Now, my books have widely differing heat and humor levels so a little guide to how they rank:

From hottest to warmest:  Soul of the Succubus, Vixen and the Pea, All’s Fair in Love and War then Prometheus Unstitched (though All’s Fair and Prometheus are nearly a tie so they could easily flip-flop.

From funniest to more subdued (and humor is always subjective):  All’s Fair in Love and War, Prometheus Unstitched, Soul of the Succubus then Vixen and the Pea.

COMING October 8th:  Succubus Games!!

Succubus Games is the second in The Succubus Chronicles and another Romance on the Go, a story short enough to be read in a single sitting. This one revolves around an intrepid succubus and her friends, lovers and enemies from Greek mythology. A little different, right?  LOL It’s not a sequel to Soul of the Succubus. My Succubus Chronicles, both published and in the works can be read in any order. More to come about the Chronicles in the days ahead!