Six Sentence Sunday — Succubus Steam #1 #SixSunday

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My six today is from my WIP still in first draft stage called Succubus Steam (formerly titled Violet), another story from The Succubus Chronicles.

All of my Succubus Chronicles tales beginning with Succubus Games begin with a quote from a fictitious book, also of my own creation. So, the first four (4) sentences are the quote, the last two (2) are the first two of the story. I didn’t count the author/book name that goes with the quote as part of my six since it’s not a sentence.  A little unorthodox, but it’s a great introduction to the meat of the tale without me having to tell you in the preamble.

Steampunk Robot

Steampunk Robot (Photo credit: Sougent Harrop)

Sexual energy comes in more than one form; and the manufacture of a counterfeit source has been attempted by many. If an intrepid succubus were to become a free agent, with none to demand tribute from her, she might possibly craft a man-like substitute. I have never heard of nor would I personally make such choice, for I am the first succubus and have a duty to my kind. However, I have lived long enough to know that the moment anyone says something is impossible, someone will eventually prove him wrong.

~Miss Lilith’s Guide to the Care and Keeping of a Succubus

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Why is a suitable spanner never handy when I need one?

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