There's an app for that…

I read a post about how ebooks were on the rise in India (The Times of India, May 25, 2014), not because of an increase in sales of ereaders but because more Indians were reading on their smartphones. An aha moment that.

A fellow and very smart author, Siobhan Muir, has had an app for her writing for a long time now and I always wondered about the value of it. Now…this…I get it.

Looking at my blog traffic statistics, Goodreads adds and Facebook hits, I can see I have quite a few Indian visitors from time to time. Fantastic! (Have I ever mentioned I’m pretty sure I was Indian in another life? I haven’t? Well, it’s true. If only I could cook the cuisine…but I diverge…as I’m wont to do…)

And so an app has been added. By me. It’s still a work in progress and not currently available for iPhone users, but we’ll see if I can’t remedy that some day if it does okay with android users.

Check it out here or download from Google Play Store:

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