Cover Reveal: Executive Assistant anthology coming June 20th!

I have a short story, “A Knight with the Boss” in the upcoming anthology from Evernight. But first, here’s the cover. I love it tons.

executive-assistantEvernight’s EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT stories are naughty, kinky, and coming soon!

Check out the amazing table of contents:


Suddenly by Beth D. Carter
The Takeover by Doris O’Connor
Room for Two by Michelle Graham
All Tied Up by LeTeisha Newton
Trade and Affairs by Chacelyn Pierce
A Knight with the Boss by Lila Shaw
His Perfect PA by Allyson Young
The Only Way to Dance by Elodie Parkes
The Terminatrix by Jean Maxwell
Operation Conquer and Seduction by Michelle Rhys
Unravel Me by S.J. Maylee
Helpdesk Hijinks by Jezebel Jorge

And here’s a little bit about my story:

When her father sells the family-owned video-gaming design business to a large competitor, Tory Knight learns to her dismay that the sale comes with a one-year non-compete agreement. She has no choice but to work for Gorman Designs if she wants to keep doing what she loves most.


Rafe Gorman is shocked to discover the asset he paid triple market value to acquire—lead programmer, VC Knight—is not the fatherly small businessman he bought out, but the man’s very talented and desirable daughter, Victoria Carruthers-Knight.


Tory’s orientation session quickly heats up as Rafe takes his newest employee under his wing and to other levels of “employment” neither expects nor quite knows how to handle.

And here’s a little teaser:

Tory nearly melted in her underwear when he suddenly backed off. He’d tugged and tugged on her like a rubber band, testing her tensile strength and just when she thought she’d surely snap, he suddenly released all tension. What was she to do then? Continue to bleat about how abusive her situation was? Was this a test? Maybe it was.


“Well, since we understand each other,” she said forcing a brittle smile into place. He was her employer after all. She could neither encourage nor discourage him.


“So it would seem,” he said with a lazy drawl in his tone. “Sit back down, please, and let’s go over a few things.” Tory slowly descended into her chair, her eyes never leaving his, and every muscle on high alert. “I don’t bite. I promise. I’m sorry if I ruffled you.” Another smile, this time with teeth—straight, perfectly aligned sparkling white teeth. Was he a shark or a Cheshire cat?