Mobile App User Wannabes…if you're reading this, please let me know


App’s Home Page

On a lark, I installed a mobile app, a pilot, because I read how many more people were reading books on their smartphones because they couldn’t afford stand-alone ereaders or because the phone was so much more convenient.

The beauty of any app is that everything is in one place–links to retailers to buy my books, my blog, my Facebook and Twitter feeds, my book trailers–all on a single menu and in your hands on your smartphone (or tablet). Not that I’m narcissistic or anything but I am a firm believer in EASY.

Right now, my EASY is only available to Android users because that was the cheapest route for me to conduct this pilot and Amazon is in process.

A Google developer license is a one time fee of $25, whereas Apple charges $99. Amazon is free. The app developer offers the listing service for all three top app retailers with their pay plans, which started at much, much more than a single payment of $25.GooglePlay

Little did I realize that the app’s developer had other restrictions that would come into play. I obviously didn’t pay close enough attention or I assumed very, very few would download it other than a couple of close friends (who didn’t because they couldn’t because they have iPhones…sigh)

Apparently, I’ve maxed out the downloads allowed per month since I uploaded it on May 25th, as well as the views. Unfortunately, there’s a huge difference between the freebee and the first paying level that includes unlimited downloads. Now maybe I maxed myself out adding more features, or maybe there really are interested parties who were turned away. I’m not sure other than I’ve been getting relentless emails from the app developer for days now urging me to upgrade my plan. Of course they would be doing that anyway.

So, here’s the question:

If you’re reading this, is a mobile app for everything all in one place, something of interest to you OR were you unable to download my app because the download limit was maxed out?

Please leave me a comment and share any observations or thoughts you might have.

Thank you!